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Dental Sealants
Spokane Valley, WA

 A smiling group of children from Grins and Giggles Family Dentistry in Spokane Valley, WAYour permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, but too often they become damaged by trauma or tooth decay and eventually fall out. As adults, we know that it is so important to take care of our teeth, but how do we convey the importance of oral hygiene to our kids? You can institute the best oral regimen in your home, but getting your child to follow it is hard.

Did you know that by the age of nineteen, close to seventy percent of children have tooth decay? We understand that parents do the very best that can, but you can’t do everything. At Grins and Giggles Family Dentistry, we are here to help you protect your children’s smiles. One way in which we can do that is with dental sealants. Sealants are an additional layer of protection that will help you protect your child’s smile from pathogens, tooth decay, and cavities.

Protecting Your Child From Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis is usually, but mistakenly, associated with adults. However, chronic gingivitis, which leads to gum disease is prevalent in children. Gingivitis is a mild infection of the gums and is reversible. Periodontitis is a widespread infection of the gums that can be treated but is irreversible. When you invest in sealants, you rob bacteria of vulnerable surfaces to replicate and spread to. The less susceptible your child is to bacteria, the healthier their mouth will be. When sealants are combined with proper flossing, mouth washing, dental cleanings and brushing techniques, you are setting your child up for a lifelong, healthy smile.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a resin based product that we apply to the chewing surfaces of the teeth. For the back teeth, these surfaces are referred to as fissures, for the front they are called cingulum pits. This is why sealants are sometimes referred to as pits and fissure sealants. Fissures are especially vulnerable to bacteria because the surface of molars is more porous and uneven. Also, children sometimes struggle to properly reach and clean their back teeth.

Studies show that the best time to get sealants is when a child’s permanent teeth first erupt. Usually, this happens around age six. The sealants serve as a smooth protective layer on the surface of the tooth that protects your child from cavities. In fact, sealants immediately reduce cavities up to eighty percent when they are first applied. For the next four years, they are shown to reduce cavities up to sixty percent.


•  Added Protection: When combined with a good oral healthcare routine, sealants are one hundred percent effective.
•  Safe: The application process and ingredients are proven to be innocuous and safe.
•  Inexpensive: Although prices vary, sealants are by far less expensive than treating cavities and dental decay.
•  Long-lasting: Studies show that sealants last up to ten years. Sealants can also be repaired if need be, by applying additional resin.

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At Grins and Giggles Family Dentistry, we are here to help you protect your children’s smiles, which we can do with dental sealants. Give our office a call!
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